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  1. Would not feel comfortable because of allegations vs. finding out the facts? Expressed dismay that the union was contesting their removal? I'm sure they wouldn't be in dismay if the union was contesting on their behalves... union is for all, not for few. lots of hypocrisy going on, as usual.
  2. My point is, it was our problem. We are still friends in fact and he is in a much better place now (recovered alch etc). I don’t see it as having warranted a larger scale investigation or lawsuit against GS even if many men there are similar (they are). Thats why I feel strongly about this, I believe this should be between the two parties who dated.
  3. Even if the company goes through every dancers phones and finds things they don’t find appropriate, even if it turns out female dancers were also acting poorly to male dancers too, if they decide to fire 5 more dancers, 10 more or even 50 more, Waterbury was still never an employee of the company. I once dated a Goldman Sachs employee who was abusive. Can I launch an internal investigation and have the phones of all GS employees worldwide vetted?
  4. Not sure what you’re referring to when you talk about rape and assault/beating. Does Waterbury claim that happened to her? It’s bizarre that if she is making these claims that the persons haven’t been mentioned in the lawsuit since text conversations that don’t involve her were. Seems like those stronger allegations would be at the forefront to prove her case
  5. Waterbury states in the article that they were talking about moving in together and finances, so I assume it was a serious relationship.
  6. If they were a couple for that length of time, she would have also known about his 'drinking and drug problems' too. I wonder why she didn't get him help or why she stayed with him if he was such a bad person allegedly.
  7. I think we can all agree giving passwords to anyone is a dumb idea yes. It will be interesting to hear his version of events. I wonder whether he has any contrasting evidence to her story.
  8. I believe that leave her no choice is about convincing not about raping. “I want to get this job and leave them no choice”. Does that sound like that person intends to rape the interviewer? ...or could it mean they’re going to try their hardest to convince them so they say yes.
  9. How do you know they were fantasizing? How do you know they were not just joking? It’s not illegal to joke or fantasize for that matter... Do you know how easy it is to take a text conversation out of context? Also if you read the complaint you will see that Catazaro said that he wasn’t interested and that he would feel too bad having a 3way.
  10. The company suspended them before this lawsuit was filed as well as releasing a statement saying that Merson had come for them asking for a settlement, which they had declined. The aftermath of the lawsuit, as well as now implicating the school in the lawsuit as an additional defendant, has undoubtedly caused massive representational damages to the company (donors complaining, ticket sales etc) and as for the school, I can only imagine the concerns of student parents as well as future parents sending their children to the school. I don't doubt that all of this was an attempt at trying to get the company to buckle for a big cash settlement.
  11. She is trying to get money. Look at Merson's case records https://mersonlaw.com/ He doesn't care about changing culture, he cares about making HUGE money... and guess who has the money here.... not Finlay!
  12. The amended complaint was actually corrected again after it was filed, you can see this in the database. The first complaint was also corrected after it was filed. Catazaro was removed from this part you are referencing above. I agree, very sloppily written and a mockery of the legal system quite frankly.
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