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  1. vinyardance

    Joy Womack

    I agree this is a very nice article from Joy. I don't understand why she didn't just say these things to her audiences in her vlogs, at the time that they were happening. She has tarnished her reputation by repeatedly contradicting herself and confusing the wider audience, which undoubtably includes significant people in the dance sphere. It sounds like she is finally finding fulfillment from dance beyond perfecting technique, which is, I hope, revelationary to her.
  2. vinyardance

    Joy Womack

    It is good for Joy to see what lies beyond Russia's borders. She has a good position with lots of performing opportunity, but she wants to make enough money to get by and the best facilities to remain at her peak. She is growing now and I really hope she has more opportunities coming her way from European companies.
  3. vinyardance

    Joy Womack

    Hopefully she will get a raise now due to her promotion. Maybe her vlogs are even helping her as opposed to hindering, maybe she draws in a new crowd? At times she does seem to display a lack of perspective, that is a very appropriate observation, but I don't think she is naive about the talents around her. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses and that she is not 'the best of the best'. She works hard for a reason, and I think she's already improved a lot. She's an interesting person.
  4. vinyardance

    Joy Womack

    Joy Womack was promoted to Prima Ballerina today with the Kremlin Ballet..
  5. vinyardance

    Joy Womack

    I'd like to contribute to this post because I have been following for a long time. Before I go on to anything critical, I have to say I watch Joy Womack's vlogs every day and am highly appreciative of the window into her life. Whether or not we all agree on her choices, she is sharing something unique and is making her dreams come true before our very eyes. I have actually followed her story since I came across the New York Times coverage on youtube when she was fifteen. Back then she was so fascinating and just absorbed everything the Russian school was giving her. Now she is older and more experienced, we are perhaps more inclined to think negatively about her given the past few years' events; an adult no longer a child. I enjoy watching her dance, though I do see inconsistencies in her performances, depending on her state of mind. I find her technique solid and highly classical, very clean alignment and placing. I feel her weakness is tension she carries in her shoulders at at times has a strained port de bras. Other times, however, her port de bras seems very lovely, so hopefully she can continue to work on this. She does seem to concentrate more on the technique than the interpretation at this stage in her career. And while she is very bright I think she has room for development of her emotional intelligence with regards to dancing roles. She wants it all, but I wonder whether she really understands why it takes time for dancers to develop themselves before they are given such roles. She has something that makes you want to watch her, that's for sure. She does have our attention. Maybe because of her unique place in the Kremlin ballet after what happened to her at Bolshoi (whatever that was) or maybe because she is a highly intelligent and compelling person, or maybe we just want to see what she does next. Joy's decision to make a youtube channel probably stemmed from being of the generation she is in, and we can't fault her for that. She does seem to make some questionable choices with exactly how much she shares, things that might jeopardize her professionalism, but nothing seems to have impacted her negatively yet. It does give us something to talk about though, that we wouldn't otherwise know. I am a bit dubious about her exhaustive self-promotion. Most dancers do not share this desire, but I like to think it is part of her creative side sharing her art with the world, as opposed to anything else. I would also remind her prima friends how in control she is of what she actually shares with us. She doesn't edit out falls or slips but there are times she cuts footage abruptly mid movement; the only reason I can think is because of something she doesn't want us to see. I can't blame a dancer for wanting us to see them at their best, but you can't have it both ways. You have to either share everything or don't claim to. She also seems all over the place with her attitude to her company. Having said this, I do wish her all the best. Her commitment to her work is admirable and inspiring. Ballet is no easy feat and she has already defied odds working against her. In ten years from now, I hope she has reached the heights she desires. (Edited for clarification and spelling mistake.)
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