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  1. Natalia what an unfair and arsh judgment you are giving to Nicoletta i don't know if you came to Milano to see her in many leading roles she got, but i never heard such a low comment about her..... she has a strong if not perfect tehcnique, very light and flawless jumps and yes....i prefer her in Giselle role instead of Myrtha ,too without this heavy comparison you gave to her... and now Misty: maybe you can helps us (europeans) why she gained so much interest and fame despite she often shows weak technique..... this past autumn, whe she danced at la Scala with Bolle she made a couple of mistakes that i ever never seen done by a "prima ballerina" ....although i consider Nunez, Zacharova and Semionova an other planet just a comment i heard at the end of her Romeo e Giulietta with Bolle this last december, when i was in the line to go out of the Theatre a group of french people at the presence of a famous russian teacher were chatting puzzled about Misty and about her technique showed that evening " was not even enough to be considered part as a general ballerina in a leading corp de Ballet"...... and that they were kind of ashamed that Bolle kneled down to invite ther as a Etoile guest just answering to a Fame due to politically correct that surround her What do you think about that sentence!? is it wrong? thank you!!! Lilia
  2. sorry, can you explain what you mean with " struggling", because here in Italy we don't have and feeling about "struggling" with la Scala ballet company....... they against Italy? sorry we don't undestrand what you mean....... what i can say many young dancers from la Scala School are considering more and more to begin their career outside La scala wings( adthis is just the best for them!!) just think about Jacopo Tissi at Bolshoi the point a bout inviting some international stars was decided by Mr. Pereira ( Head Master of Teatro alla Scala) toghether with Bolle and Bigonzetti...( before he left) the only point that is not working in favour of La Scala is the vacant place left from Bigonzetti, the new ballet Master of the company was due at the end of February, now we are in April and no name has been announced; Olivieri is taking the place ad interim ( he is the director of La Scala school of ballet) an other question or curiosity i want to satisfy is that Bolle dances both with big etoiles and with the La Scala principals with no reticence this year i saw him dancing with Nicoletta Manni and Virna Toppi . there is a rumor here in Milano about the vacant place iof La Scala Ballet company director, it is about the management that is triyng to convice Bolle ( after his retirement from balletto) to stay as Master Director for the company
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