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    Locating dancers

    Hello! I'm sorry I don't actually know if this topic is still working... I'm a dancer from Italy, and I'm looking for a ballet teacher REBECCA MC LAIN I don't actually know anything about her,.. She was my teacher's teacher. The only information I found out is: -She moved to Italy -She was ballet teacher and director at STAR DANCE ACADEMY, In Vicenza, (North of Italy) -She worked there at least 'till 1987 (or even some years longer), and then she went back to America. I've already looked for her on social networks, but I haven't found anything yet. I don't know how old she is, but she might be on her 50s, I belive. It would be very important for me to find out where she's working or living now, I've been trying to find and contact her for years...! If you know ANYTHING about her, please, don't hesitate to write back... it could help =) Thank you F.
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