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  1. And a picture of Megan Gray here: http://www2.helsinginsanomat.fi/extrat/kul...vat/kuva11.html I believe this is a picture of the contemporary piece Victor Plotnikov won the choreography prize for--"Crazy Nun".
  2. momma

    Tiekka Schofield

    Thanks for the info! Very glad to hear she's doing well. Not only is she a wonderful dancer, but she is a great teacher as well. She taught my daughter a few things at a very young age that has helped her tremendously with her artistry. I would love to see her dance again.
  3. momma

    Tiekka Schofield

    Does anyone know where (if) Tiekka Schofield is dancing? I know a few years back she was a principal with Houston Ballet, but have no idea where she is now. I think she had an injury or surgery of some sort a few years back, but had heard she was still dancing. Does anyone know where/what she's been up to lately? I loved her dancing...light as a feather and so artistic.
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