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  1. Hi Natalia, Thank you so much for all the info about various productions, theatre renovations etc and the possibility/probability of Bolshoi and /or Mariinisky touring the USA in 2013. Really appreciate your knowledge and your "finger on the pulse" of it all. I'll check back with you and the ballet Alert calendar periodically. Best Wishes Kev
  2. Hi Natalia, When is the earliest that might we know if the Mariinsky and/or Bolshoi Ballet troupes will tour the USA in 2013? Thanks! Kev
  3. Hi Pherank, Thank you for your thoughts on the illustrious Ulyana. I hope to see her if /when they return to L.A.! Best Wishes Kev
  4. Hi Natalia, Thanks...you certainly are cosmopolitan! Wondering if you might know if Ulyana Lopatkina of Mariinsky is still dancing or if she is now planning to retire?I think she is age 39. I hope to see her ! Best Wishes!
  5. Thank you Natalia! All well wishes to you too. From where do you hail? With so many posts and being a foreign correspondent I am wondering if you live closer to The Mariinsky than I do?
  6. We attended 3 performances of the Mariinsky Swan Lake ballet here in Costa Mesa Segerstrom Arts center and found all of them to be absolutely magical experiences that transported us to heaven for a few hours! Truth, beauty and grace all within a package of love and total commitment to the moment and movements. Can't wait for them to return!
  7. I am a bit late in contributing to this page regarding the Mariinsky's Swan Lake ballet in Costa Mesa but I wanted to share my joyous experience having attended 3 of the performances. It is October 19th and the performances continue to (quite literally) fill my dreams at night. I wake some mornings feeling wonderfully refreshed yet wishing they lived here instead of St Petersburg so that I could attend all year long! As a working artist and art teacher I make sure to "stop and smell the roses" as the saying goes...its a matter of wellness. The truth and beauty present in the Mariininsky ballets signature offering, Swan Lake remains for me the quintessential art experience where for a time all else faded away and I became as a child, completely imersed in the moment ,free of thought, rich in sensuality ,unified as a person. In praise of heavenly bodies , artful movement and bountiful grace I express here my gratitude to the dancers and their love for the dance and for the blessing they bestowed upon me.
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