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  1. I can't disagree with you, cubanmiamiboy, because I did see "Super Jewel" (Alicia), the Four Jewels and the Three Graces in 1978 in Puerto Rico, which will be hard to top in any era. The two men in the recent DC tour who are of the old school calibre, to me, are Osiel Gounod and Jose Lozada, neither of whom was given the role of Basilio in the weekend Don Qs. Where I strongly disagree -- and I believe that the majority of the enthralled Kennedy Center audience last week will disagree - is in CubaninUSA's assertion that stumbling and losing balance was "very common" in last week's performances. No way! I have reviewed my detailed notes and the only stumbles in the initial Magia de la Danza were in two partnering off-moments: Swan Lake pdd, in which Arencibia and her partner finished one of the last supported pirouettes sloppily (and any mishap near the end of a piece is magnified) and a botched supported pirouette by Valdes/Virelles during the diagonal in which Basilio steps away from Kitri and she balances while posed in back attitude. Valdes was unable to take the final pose because of a partnering error with the axis of the pirouette. The BIG problem, as I see it, is the relative lack of firepower & partnering inexperience by some of the male leading soloists. Plainly stated, the men who should be the huge stars right now have all left. It is unfortunate that no one has reported on the Sunday performance of DQ. Dani Hernandez and Anette Delgado stunned the audience with their performance, which was nearly equal to the Paris DVD version with the added advantage of live music. The Tuesday night DQ was disappointing, other than the number of on pointe balances by Valdez, but the lifts were not in the same league compared to the DVD with a much better Basilio, Romel. We had a hint of this wonderful Delgado/Hernandez pairing on Tuesday in Giselle, I hope Alonso eventually makes a DQ DVD with this pair and live music. It would be better than any of the 5 other DQs on DVD we own.
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