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  1. In spirit of Angel's farewell performance (which I am traveling from the south to New York to see), I thought I would post a few of my favorite clips of his performances with ABT over the years. I hope others will join in! First, is the classic Angel role that many of us cherish! This was the first video I saw of Angel as a kid, and immediately I was a mega-fan! Secondly, is one of my favorite roles that Angel played as Romeo. Although I saw Angel perform Romero and Alessandra Ferri perform Juliet at two separate times, for me, this will remain one of my favorite partnerships of his (even though I never saw the two of them together live): And lastly, perhaps the most beloved of all Angel's roles, Ali from Le Corsaire. I remember I saw this live as a teenager, and all of the ladies sitting around me gave me dirty looks when I cheered so loudly for Angel's performance. My favorite point is at 7:54 when the audience goes "WHOA!" and then just goes crazy!! Angel, I am looking very forward to your performance tomorrow, but we will miss you at ABT!
  2. I am SO very sad by this news! I first was introduced to Angel as a kid in that ABT gala video. I grew up as a dancer watching him - a highlight of my life was when I got to take a class with him. To me, you just can't get anyone who is as charming on stage than Angel. I'm such a fan I try to catch his shows every season, no matter where I'm living. I was very disappointed when the casting was changed a few years back for his Romeo and Juliet performance, and last year's Coppeila was fairly disappointing just because the male role in that is so small compared to the female role. I'd say my three favorites shows with Angel were in Le Corsaire, Romeo and Juliet, and Swan Lake. I'm glad to at least know we'll actually get to see him dance this time! I'll be making the trip from DC with some good friends and Angel fans to see his "retirement" show and cheer him on. We'll miss you at ABT, Angel!