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  1. A number of these companies are featured in two upcoming dance festival engagements in Chicago: Jazz Dance World Festival July 22-25 . (http://jazzdanceworldfestival.org) and Chicago Dancing Festival, a free celebration of dance, Aug. 18-22 (http://www.chicagodancingfestival.com). You can get links back to the company sites via these Fest sites. I've noted where below. Dayton Contemporary Dance Company--CDF Alvin Ailey ---CDF Hubbard Street --CDF Luna Negra Dance Theatre --CDF River North Dance Company --JDWF/CDF Philadanco --JDWF Both these events are great opportunities to experience multiple great companies at once.
  2. Given your interest in last year's CDF wanted to make sure you were aware that advance reservations for the 2009 CDF are available beginning this Friday, June 12 at 10am, for the MCA lecture/discussion event on 8/19, and at 12 noon for the two in-door performances at the Harris Theatre for Music and Dance Aug. 18 and 20. This year the outdoor Prizker event will be on Saturday, Aug. 22. No advance reservations apply to that event. For more info about the companies visit CDF website www.chicagodancingfestival.com, though the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times also ran features last Friday. And once again, all programming is totally free. With three performance events and one lecture discussion, the CDF has grown once again...and incredible achievement in these challenging economic times. I've had the opportunity to attend the two prior CDFs and plan on attending all of this year's programs as well. While the programs are great I find special satisfaction in observing the audience, a mix of every demographic you could imagine. It's especially exciting to see the Pritzker crowd. From the reactions and comments you can tell there are many who are experiencing live professional dance for the first time. And many have kids with them. Many of us got our first taste of dance as a child when we had the opportunity to go to a performance with our parents or school, so in addition to being a great way to have a dance experience this summer, it's also an investment in dance audiences of tomorrow
  3. Lucky Plush Productions,Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts (SF/Bay Area) and the mechanics of YouTube team up June 12-14 for unusual and exiting weekend of collaborative performances June 12-14. These performances are part of LPP’s “Pirate Yankees.” an intriguing and entertaining 10 month exploration of intellectual property. In conjunction with “Punk Yankees,” Lucky Plush Productions has developed the website StealThisDance.com, a play on Abbie Hoffman's “Steal this Book.” The website features sections where visitors can “Steal,” “Buy,” or “Share” choreography. StealThisDance.com is intended to stimulate discussion and interaction around questions about intellectual property and the value of dance. StealThisDance.com is the outgrowth of initial research by Rhoads begun this past December, thanks to a choreographic fellowship from the Maggie Alessee National Center for Choreography (MANCC) to support the research and initial development of “Punk Yankees.” Because I'm helping to get the word out on the project I've had the opportunity to preview early stages of the site's development and visit the site on more than one occasion. I think it deals with the concepts in an accessible, informative, entertaining way yet definitely provides much food for thought. We dancers learn to dance by imitation and endless repetition of someone else's moves. We expand our artistic pallet and inspiration by seeing performances. We pride ourselves on being able to painstakingly recreate classic works. So can any dance ever be called completely original? And is the YouTube a great opportunity or an enemy of intellectual property. I invite you to check out the site and look forward to your thoughts.
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