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  1. The book itself has only a part/segment/excerpt of the music. But not the whole thing. I tried looking up the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra for the recording (for The Joffrey Ballet) and couldn't find it.
  2. Anybody know where I might be able to find the music to "La Vivandière"? Esp. variations 2 and 3?
  3. The one that is seen in the movie "The Company" is a revival and slightly modified version than the original as presented by Arthur Saint-Léon, and choreographed specifically for The Joffrey Ballet. The Kirov version (as far as I can tell from Labanotation) is more "truer" to the original version; even though it was still modified during the variously "revival" periods. Also in the movie, during the rehearals, they were practicing Variation 2, and the one where Suzanne (Prisco) snapped her tendon (in her achilles heel?) is Fanny's Solo Variation 3. Variation 2 starts at M.22 Julianne Kepley originally started the rehearsal piece and ended up performing it. (from the same book) Quote: Third Variation - Fanny's Solo Fanny Cerrito performs the Third Vairation. It requires a good ballon, an easy rebounding quality. With the proliferation of sissonnes battus she needs to use charm and some variation in emphasis to provide interest. The 6/8 meter is counted as 2 beats to the measure in phrases of 8 counts (4 measures). In the second introductory measure (2) 'dancer's counts' are introduced as an aid in learning the irregular sissonne patterns. These counts are small. (Study and Performance Notes, p. 36).
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