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Scaling Agile Adoption to Multiple Teams Webinar


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Dear Helene Kaplan,

You have successfully registered forthe webinar Scaling Agile Adoption to Multiple Teams Webinar.

You may enter the webinar by browsing to http://lead.vc.pmi.org/DesktopModules/Pmi.Dnn.Modules.Webinars/WebinarAction.aspx?PortalId=21&WebinarExternalKey=d2402839-1835-4260-9e62-0d1d6fd456b6&WebinarAction=View. Please be aware that you are only guaranteed a seat once you have joined the webinar. Seating is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to access the webinar:

1. Go to http://lead.vc.pmi.org/DesktopModules/Pmi.Dnn.Modules.Webinars/WebinarAction.aspx?PortalId=21&WebinarExternalKey=d2402839-1835-4260-9e62-0d1d6fd456b6&WebinarAction=View
2. Select the "Join Webinar" link. The link will only be available up to 15 minutes prior to the event, when the host/presenter has opened the webinar room.
3. Adobe Connect Pro launches and places you in the webinar room. It may require you to install an add-in utility if you have not run Adobe Connect Pro before on the computer you are on, but this will takeonly a minute or two.

Webinar Broadcasting:

Most webinars are broadcast using VoIP. All you need is to have is speakers on your computer to listen to the broadcast once you log on.

You are automatically provided half duplex once entering the webinar (half duplex is the ability to hear only during the webinar). To speak during a webinar you will need to request speaking rights from the host/presenter. This can be doneby raising your hand by pressing the raise-hand icon. If access is granted, you will need to press the talk button to be heard.

The audio portion of this Webinar will be broadcast over VoIP only. There will be no access to the audio portion via phone or teleconference.
We appreciate your interest in Scaling Agile Adoption to Multiple Teams Webinar. Please visit http://lead.vc.pmi.org/ for further information on webinars and professional development opportunities.

Thank you,

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