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Goose Bump Experience

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I just had a goose bumps episode about a few hours back --

Watching the Spring Waters pdd (chor. Messerer, arr. Rachmaninov) with Maria Bylova and Leonid Nikonov of the Bolshoi, probably sometime in the late eighties.. that one part where the music swells up and then washes away, the girl flings herself into the guy's arms with an assemble followed by a.. well, for lack of better words, SOAR.. FLY.. CATCH! I got chicken skin right there, and both of them were just so exhilarating and lengthy in their dancing that it reminded me how beautiful ballet can be. :)


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Thanks Ballet Alert posters for your thoughts.

I thought of a couple more.

I always get goose bumps when the curtain goes up for Les Sylphides and reveals the mysterious cast of sylphs in a beautiful tableaux.

I also got them when I saw, and get them when I think about the pas de deux in the production of Carousel with choreography by Sir Kenneth MacMillan.

Did anyone think of the freeze in Lilac Garden?

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I'm with Luka on that mention of Spring Waters on the Bolshoi video - dazzling, despite his costume, which looks like a lettuce leaf.

Live goosebump moments:

Villella (sp?) and Violette Verdy tearing up a high school auditorium stage in Gainesville, Florida doing Stars and Stripes (1973!!).

Gelsey Kirkland dancing at the dreadful West Palm Beach Auditorium - don't even remember

what she danced - but she floated above the stage like no dancer I've seen before or since - positively ethereal. (Dvorovenko in Giselle last month at the Met came close)

Ananiashvili's exit in the Dying Swan.

Patti McBride in Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux.

Margaret Tracy's Liberty Bell.

Susan Jaffe's debut in Swan Lake with Baryshnikov - an evening I've never forgotten.

The Corps of the Paris Opera Ballet - Act II of Swan Lake.

Albert Evans, Jose Manuel Carreno or Angel Corella doing just about anything.

I better not get into videotape moments or this will go on forever. Kristen

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