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And the Oscar goes to...

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Since Oscar season is upon us let's turn the tables a little.

Best New Ballet

Best Ballerina (or female lead)

Best supporting Ballerina (the soloist or corps)

Best Male Danseur

Best supporting Danseur

Best Choreographer

Best Director (of a company)

Best Special Effects

Best Scenery/Lighting for a piece

Best score

Lifetime Achievement

I can't really list the nominees, they'd be very NY based.

My answers

Telemann Overture (Barak)

Alexandra Ansanelli

Rachel Rutherford

I'm stuck on the males

(and the rest)

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A very good idea, Calliope. I have to say I'm stuck on Best New Ballet. Can I nominate "Sleeping Beauty?"

Last year was not a good year in Washington; this year will be better. I'll be interested to read who others nominate -- any city, or a mix of cities, would be fine smile.gif

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On an earlier thread, I picked Morgen as the best new ballet, but after further viewings, I'm changing my vote to Polyphonia. Calliope, your classification of Best Ballerina (or female lead) allows you to chose Ansanelli, but with all due respect (to both you and Ansanelli)I don't think that category is Kosher. I choose Julie Kent.

Best supporting ballerina -- Ashley Bouder

Best male danseur -- Ethan Stiefel

Best supporting danseur -- Giuseppe Picone

Best choreographer -- Christopher Wheeldon

Best director of a company (thanks for the gimme, Calliope) -- Suzanne Farrell

Best special effects -- the Pied Piper (was that last year?)

Best lighting -- Hallelujah Junction

Best score -- Morgen

Lifetime Achievement -- Frederic Franklin

[ February 21, 2002: Message edited by: Farrell Fan ]

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Best New Ballet: How new is new? If past year then both Organon and Polyphonia were Jan 2001, so I might go for Halleluja Junction.

Best Ballerina (or female lead) Maria Kowroski. She stands alone.

Best supporting Ballerina (the soloist or corps): tough one, lots of very good choices. I might go for Janie Taylor, she's been looking very good lately.

Best Male Danseur: Damien Woetzel

Best supporting Danseur: another tough one, Benjamin Millipied

Best Choreographer: Elliot Feld, not only for what he has done for NYCB but also for his own company Ballet Tech.

Best Director (of a company): Peter Martins. All complaints aside he has maintained NYCB as the best there is, has kept the reprtory mostly intact and has allowed many new young choreographers to work with the company. How can you top that.

Best Special Effects: Felix by Feld (Ballet Tech)

Best Scenery/Lighting for a piece Ecstatic Orange

Best score: Agon or the Cage

Lifetime Achievement assuming still has to be alive: then Peter Martins.

[ February 22, 2002: Message edited by: hal ]

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I assume the format is like that of the Motion Picture Academy Awards, so we're talking about work done in 2001, making both Organon and Polyphonia eligible.

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