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Mary Anthony Memorial Service

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Sunday July 13
2:30-3:30 service
3:30-4 PM (approximate), remembrances of Mary
4-5 PM reception

Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South
For information: 212.674.8191

A memorial service will be held for Mary Anthony, who passed away May 31, at Judson Memorial Church, Sunday July 13, starting at 2:30 PM.

The memorial will include performances of three solos from Mary's body of work, as well as a video of her life in dance. (the program is still in formation, and names of dances and dancers will be announced closer to the service.)

After the prepared ceremony, visitors will be invited to speak briefly about Mary Anthony, her work, or her impact on them individually.

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Thanks so much for posting this -- if you're in touch with the organizers, could you suggest to them that at some point the video might be posted online for those of us who cannot come to the memorial.

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