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Moscow IBC -- MEDALISTS who also received SPECIAL PRIZES

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I also received some information that there were some other SPECIAL prizes that were offered at the closing of the competition as well (Jeannie -- did you receive news of this?):

*Prize for BEST TEACHER: Marina Semenova (I wonder who her students were?)

*Prize for SPECTATOR AWARD (this was voted by spectators): Alexei Borsov

*Prize for the BEST DUET PARTNERS: Leonid Sarafanov and Natalia Domratcheva

*Prize for the HOPE OF THE WORLD BALLET (the name of the prize sounds a little awkward as it was directly translated from Russian): Misa Kuranaga

*Prize for the BEST YOUNGEST COMPETETOR: Milena Sidorova

*Prize from the UNION OF RUSSIAN WOMEN: Anastasia Kurkova and Marianna Sedova


*Prize for SPECIAL AWARD (this one really didn't have a "title," except a huge bottle of champagne was delivered to the winner): Tiago Soares-Pinto


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Guest JosephCEurope   
Guest JosephCEurope

The results of choreographic competition, Moscow IBC:

First prize

Radu Poklitary (Byelorussia)

for the concert work - “Three Georgian Songs”

Second prize

Sergey Bobrov (Russia, Moscow)

for the concert work “Awakening” on music by Sergey Rachmaninov

His another concert works should be mentioned :

“Beginning” on music by Mozart, “Gipsy” on music by V.Porotscky.

Third prize

Eward Clug (Romania)

for miniature “Solo for Two Chairs” on music by “Madredeus”


Toru Tanada (Japan)

for miniature “Yasya” on music by Uttara-Kuru-Kieshi Yoshida

Dmitry Protsenko (Russia, Moscow)

for the concert number «Vain Love» on music by O.Liberta

You can read Moscow IBC site by English: http://www.russianballet.ru/competition/eng/about.htm

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I came in second for 'Best Spectator' & can only blame it on Yuri Grigorovich. (Just joking! :))

The official list that I received on Monday only added 'Best Partner' (Korea's Bon Kuk Lee) among the special awards.

The contemporary choreographers competition was announced several days earlier, as all 'competing choreographies' were shown during Round I. The winner, Radu, is probably today's premier choreographer of these 'miniatures' for IBC competitions, e.g., he also won the top prize at last year's Varna IBC for a humorous take on 'Swan Lake.' He is a competition regular & consistently creates clever pieces.

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