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Best and Worst of 2013

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I've seen the Bolshoi Flames on DVD and enjoyed it very much. I keep hoping that ABT will present it, but so far no such luck.

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I was lucky enough to spend six months in Moscow for my research. Sadly, I probably won't get that kind of opportunity again.

I'm glad you agree about Bolshoi's Flames. It was a new one for me until very recently and I think the whole production is fascinating - the original and Ratmansky's remake. Like many other Soviet works, I think it's a shame that it's underperformed in the US.

Although revolutionary modern ballets are not new for me, I was still very surprised to see how modern it is, when I saw the Flames of Paris on DVD. Did they make this in 30s of last century? I like those Soviet's modern ballets, the Flames of Paris, Bright Stream, and Golden Age. Hope Bolshoi could put them all on DVD. Did ABT dance the Bright Stream last year? How was it? I have doubts that they could catch Bolshoi's success. We can see the special Russian outburst of enthusiasm from their folk dances, pretty unique. tiphat.gif
I like your articles in your blog, which makes me more knowledgeable about ballet in general. I am preparing my money & time for visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. Your <A Guide to the Bolshoi for First-time Attendees> helps a lot. thanks.GIF

Thanks so much! I'm glad the guide to the Bolshoi is helpful. And I hope you have fun in Moscow - it's a wonderful city.

The Flames of Paris was originally made in the 1930s, but the version that the Bolshoi does was almost entirely redone in the 200s by Alexei Ratmansky. The only parts of the original choreography that he kept were the two pas de deux. The music, however, is all the original score by Boris Asafiev from 1932.

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