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Company XIV in "Snow White"

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Michael Popkin reviews Company XIV in "Snow White" at the 303 Bond Street Theatre for danceviewtimes.

Since founding his company in 2006, McCormick has renovated a former tow-truck garage in Brooklyn into a small, charming theater and staged a series of neo-baroque works, including an edgy “Nutcracker” and a reinterpretation of “The Judgment of Paris.” Besides the neo-baroque designs, the company’s signature has been to combine dance, opera, video and seemingly less compatible genres such as acrobatics and burlesque. All had their places here, along with dramatic narration by a ringmaster figure, but the production, completely redesigned from an earlier, 2009 version, had extensive circus elements added for two guest artists - Gracie White and Joseph McEachern – imported from Circus Juventus of St. Paul.

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