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passionate admirer

Hello from Berlin!

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I also have been a silent visitor for the whole last year, the time when I discovered the beauty of clssical dance for myself. A passion, a love which has blossomed late in my life, as a semi professional musician I was always addicted to classical music and opera...

I have seen my first ballet in Berlin by chance: "Glories of the romantic ballet" with four wonderful ballerinas: Nadia Saidakova, Polina Semionova, Shoko Nakamura and Beatrice Knop and of course, Vladimir Malakhov, and before the show found an end a fell in love with the very special beauty of dancing and from this very special evening on I saw almost every show of the Staatsballett Berlin - at least twice ;-)!

Then I became interested in comparising the shows I have seen with other productions and other dancers and this board was and is still a great help for chosing DVDs... Thank you all for your help.

And please apologize my terrible mistakes in grammar as well as style and vocabulary...

Best wishes from berlin - the season has started with a very special Gala including Ullian Lopatkina`s Dying Swan....

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, passionate admirer; you are a very welcomed new member to our site. How lovely that your love of ballet came after years of musical devotion. We hope you continue to love the art of ballet, and we hope we can supply you with all the information you need as your interest increases.

Your English is fine!


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How nice to hear from Berlin! Herzlich willkommen!

Once upon a time I studied in Berlin (West - it was during the divided era). I went to Tatiana Gsovsky Schule fur Buhnentanz in Fasanenstrasse, and I lived in

Lichtenrade in Bernauer Strasse if memory serves.

Please tell us all about the dance scene in Berlin, should be good with two opera houses and two companies. Is it still like that?

I and DD (dear daughter) have been planning a trip to Berlin for a long time. She is an ex ballet student and we want to see classical ballet only. Now I fear that we are going to lean heavily on you for advice on what is going on. BTW, we live in Sweden.

Your English is fine, you just wait until you hear my German - alles vergessen! :innocent:

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Hello passionate admirer. You wrote a lovely introduction. This site is wonderful. I have learned so much about dancers and ballets that I would never had heard about otherwise.

Enjoy the journey!

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