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Hello Everyone!! Newbie Here!

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Hello! My name is Tony Duarte,

I am a dancer and musician. I stopped dancing professionally a few years ago, and lately I have become very interested in Russian ballet history.

I have been reading the posts on BalletTalk.com for some time, and I decided to register and become a member finally!

I have been interested primarily in the history and music section, as well as the discussions on the new revivals of old works.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello! I hope to get into some engaging discussions with all of the learned people on here!

--DanceMusicandHistoryInterest :clapping:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, DanceMusicandHistoryInterest; we're very glad you have decided to become a member. You have an interest in fascinating facets of ballet. We hope you'll soon join our discussions and share with us.


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