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Fixing Floppy Classical Tutu's

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I have a beautiful Costume for Snow Queen in the Nutcracker, but my classical tutu is really floppy and I want to make it stiffer. Does anyone know how to fix this??

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Hi Juliet, and welcome to Ballet Talk!

Yours is a question for our sister forum, Ballet Talk for Dancers.

Look at the menu items at the top right of this page (they start with "CALENDAR") and click on the last item, "Ballet Talk for Dancers".

I know you'll get a response to your query over there! (You'll have to register there as well, using the same screenname you registered with here, Juliet2417).

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Juliet 2417 !

I'm going to echo Marga's advice: the best place to discuss such costume questions is Ballet

Talk for Dancers, in its "Pro Shop" section:


And I'm going to close this discussion (but encourage you to post in other threads if you wish, e.g. to introduce you and tell us about the ballet performances you've seen).

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