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Buttons and Links

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So What Are All of Those Buttons and Links?

If a word or phrase is formatted like this, it could be a hot link to a post that explains the feature in detail. If the word or phrase is formatted like that, the documentation will be added soon.

From All Pages

If you've yet to log in, the following will be visible to you:

Usernames, Forum Names, Post Topics

1. You may click on forums and topics without being registered or logged in.

2. If you click on a username, you are attempting to search for a member's profile.

    * You must be a Full Member and logged in to view a member's profile.
    * If you are not logged in as a Full Member, the following error message will be displayed:
      > Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available.[/b]

    * If you are a Full Member,

      > Your own member profile displays more information, such as First and Last Name, than other members' profiles
      > The ability to send PM and email from the board is based on the options each member set up for him/herself.


1. Ballet Talk logo in the upper left-hand corner. If you click this at any time, you'll return to the Ballet Talk homepage.

2. amazon.com advertisement, to the right of the Ballet Talk logo. If you click on this, you will navigate to the amazon.com site. Any purchases you make will earn a small commission for Ballet Talk.

3. Rules and Policies link, directly under the Ballet Talk logo.

4. Four helpful site functions, on the far right side of the Rules and Policies link, and links to the Blogs Home Page and our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers:

5. Permissions:

    * You must be registered and logged in to use the Search function
    * You must be a Full Member to use the Member search.
    * New Members may view blogs; Full Members may create and post entries to blogs.

Log-in/Register Section

1. In the section directly under the toolbar, with a pink background, the following will appear:

    Welcome Guest (Log In|Register)

2. Both Log In and Register are links to the appropriate function.

    Registration instructions are found HERE/Add Link


1. This displays the path of whatever page or post you are on.

    a. From the home page, this will appear as:
      |>Ballet Talk

    b. From other pages, depending how deep you are in the site, this will appear as:

      |> Ballet Talk > Forum Category Name > Forum Name > Subforum Name.

2. Each section of the path is a navigable link.

    For example, if you are in |>Ballet Talk > News > Links, you can navigate to the list of News forums by clicking on News or the home page by clicking Ballet Talk.

Welcome Back! and Quick Log In Section:

1. If you've logged in before and have not deleted all of your site cookies, this section will appear as:

    On the left:
      * The text Welcome back; your last visit was: [date and time last logged off]
        > Date will be displayed as "Today" "Yesterday," or an actual date
        > Date and time are based on the timezone you set when you registered or updated through My Controls.

      * The text Ballet Talk latest news: [Latest Topic from "Homeroom: All Members"].

        > The latest topic is a link that will bring you directly to the post.

    On the right:

      * Log In Username Input Box
      * Login In Password Input Box
      * Go button.

2. The Quick Log In does not have "Remember me" or "Invisible" options; however, depending on your browser settings, your browser may "remember" your information and pre-fill it.

After You Log In,

1. The Log In options are no longer visible.

2. The following sections appear or change:

    * The (Log In | Register) section (pink background) disappears.
      > In its place is the Member Logout and Controls section.

      On the left

        * The text: Logged in as: [username displayed as a link] (Log out) link.

          > Example: Logged in as: Helene (Log out)

        * The link to the username navigates to the Viewing Profile feature, if you are a Full Member.
          > New Members can access your own profile only through My Controls/Edit Profile Info

      On the right:

        * My Controls: Community Blog, Topic Subscriptions, Personal Profile, Options, Account Summary, Personal Notepad
        * View New Posts: A list of all threads with new posts since the last time you logged out.

          > A little orange "folder" with a tiny turned up corner will appear to the left of each thread.
          > There may be more than one unread post in each thread.
          > Please note: if you have more than one browser window open or change your time settings, this may not catch every new post.
          > If there are no new posts, the following error message will be displayed:
            Sorry, but we did not find any matches to display. Try again and broaden your search criteria. If you were searching for new posts since your last visit, it's possible that there are none to show.

        * My Assistant: Information about number of new posts since your last visit, whether there are any responses to threads you opened, links to the moderating team, quick search on posts and help, and other valuable tools.[/b]
        * If you are a Full Member, you will also see the Private Messenger (PM) link, which is displayed as [n] New Messages
          > Example: 0 New Messages
          > Clicking the link will bring you to the PM screen.

    * The Quick Log In box becomes a thread Search box, which searches the entire site and lists the resulting threads, not the resulting posts.
      * You may use the advanced usage options (exact string, all words, etc.) in this box, but the instructional link will not appear.
      * The Go button launches the search.

From the Ballet Talk Home Page

From the Ballet Talk home page, you will be able to delete board cookies, mark all posts as read, and view Board Statistics.

1. Delete cookies set by this board

    * This link is found directly above the Board Statistics section on the bottom right hand side of the home page.
    * Clicking this link will force you to log in again; please have your password handy.
    * To remove Ballet Talk cookies, click the Delete cookies set by this board link.
    * Please note: your browser may remember your username and password, depending on your settings.

2. Mark all posts as read:

    * This link will remove all "new" post marking.
    * If you click "View New Posts," and there have been no new posts since you clicked the link, you will receive the standard error message.

3. Board Statistics

There are three sections to Board Statistics:

    * Post Information Links:

      > Today's active topics: displays a list of topic in which there has been activity Today, according to your time settings.
      > The Moderating Team: A list of Administrators, Board (or "Global") Moderators, and Moderators.

        + Please note: if you are not a Full Member, the "PM" buttons will appear, but you won't be able to use PM.

      > Today's Top 10 Posters
      > Overal Top 10 Poster

        + Please note: If you are not a Full Member, you will not be able to see this list.

    > Active Users: number from last 10 minutes, breakdown by member, anonymous member, and guest, list of visible members.
    > General Stats: Number of posts, members, newest member, most posters online at once.

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