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Guy Fletcher

Vladimir Malakhov

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Hi everyone!

I had 3 queries I'd like to share but the 1st one is by FAR the most important.

I appreciate greatly in advance any assistance given.

I am looking for a video I saw once by chance and was never able to relocate although I imagine it may have been put together in Japan.

It is a video entirely of Malakhov in countless solos, pas de deux, such as spectre de la rose, La sylphide and much more. It was so inspiring at the time and I am desperate to get hold of this video gem for keeps.

Does anyone have any ideas whatsoever?

Also, was wondering if anyone had seen the teaching videos of David Howard, or dimitri roudnov (Partnering- secrets of russian training) and would be able to tell me if they were worth ordering.

One last thing-Where can I get the balanchine dance in america series on video? Amazon is out of stock or way overpriced (100$ a tape)

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I think you might be thinking of "True Prince: Vladimir Malakhov", which is available now on VHS and DVD at Amazon.

The Balanchine Celebration videos can be purchased on the NYCB website (www.nycballet.com), but it appears that some are not available right now. Davidsbundlertanze is actually the only one in stock, as well as the technique videos (arabesque, attitude, etc).

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Balanchine videos (and some are coming out on DVD) are on eBay, too. Do a search under "Balanchiine" and you'll hit pay dirt.

The only video I know which is completely devoted to Malakhov is the "True Prince" one mentioned above.

Best of luck!

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Thank you all for your help!

'Malakhov-True Prince' is not at all the video I am looking for- which is not a documentary at all, just dance after dance after dance, there's no talking whatsoever. I wonder if i'll ever be able to find it...

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Thank You so Much, unknown poster!

And thank you Alexandra for passing on the message.

Hopefully now they will have the video in stock!

From what I remember, I urgently recommend this video, as the dancing in it is on such a higher level from what we are accustomed to seeing from even the world's greatest dancers, it's just incomparable. You understand how beautiful ballet can be, from watching Malakhov, who on this tape is chillingly perfect, from top to bottom, as pure and honest a dancer as he is rich and extravagant.

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