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I know this is the most random thing to say, but Donald Rumsfeld unicycled in my backyard.

He did. Back before my parents bought this house, the previous owners hosted a party where he was invited. We have a picture of him unicycling on my lawn.

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Dear Kitri, we must flog that to the highest bidder :D I will gladly be agent and only, for the sake of friendship, charge 20%.

Joking aside, I just did a kinda quiz on the net and the answer came up "Pamela, you are a shark!"

You see what I mean, quizzez can sometimes be taken seriously.

But now seriously, flog that image to the highest tabloid bidder! If you feel uncomfortable taking the money, do some good with it.

Recently, my mother passed away, there was quite a fair amount of money.

Do you want the taxman to take it all? You dont so I have provided for my two

girls and in addition I have become a host (means feeding and upkeep like fencing etc.) to a Siberian wildcat in a safari park in Sweden (which I have visited and I

approve of).

Of course there are charities involving children in need also...

So, get into business and drive a stonehard bargain! Lots of luck! :lol::wink::clover:

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