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Triple Bill

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Did anyone see the triple bill at ROH?

Wheeldon's Polyphonia

Balanchine's Four Temperaments

Kylian's Sinfonetta

Personally, thought it was an interesting combination of ballets. Wasn't impressed with polyphonia admitedly (although rojo_fan will disagree) i found it a bit...... like student choreography! It had great 'moments' but as a whole piece it wasn't for me!

The 4 temps was great, meloncolic as particularly well danced by Bonelli! Though Edward Watson was (as usual) wonderful as Phlegmatic, using his over flexablity its full extent!

Mmmmm, what to say of sinfonetta............. CHEESY!? Thats the best word i can find to illustrate this piece. Thats not to say it isn't watchable, because it is, but there is just something that makes me feel slightly nautious!

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Mmmmm, what to say of sinfonetta............. CHEESY!?
Mmmm.. this may just be the understatement of the year.... Admittedly it got an extremely positive audience reaction, but I thought the vocab of movements Kylian used was predictable and cliched.

Edward Watson was definitely star of the night. He had a real rapport with Lauren Cutherbertson in their Polyphonia duet (which danciegirlmaria is right in saying I loved!) and was fantastically adrodginous (sp?!?) in the 4 Temperaments.

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