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  1. I'm also really looking forward to the cuthbertson/watson R&Js. I haven't seen watson in anything where he hasn't stood out as a very individual, intellegent dancer, so his romeo should be something special. Sylvia, you are so lucky to have been at the conversation with tamara rojo and johan kobborg- my two favourite dancers! Unfortunately, we had to be in college at that time, and as it was one of our last ballet classes before our final exam, really couldn't miss! Please could you tell us what was said? Thank you! rojo_fan
  2. 2003 ended up being a lot more interesting dance-wise than expected, due to the departure of Ross Stretton from the RB. Call me conservative, but I'd much rather sit through "Apollo" and "Raymonda" than "Le Parc", especially when "Apollo"'s performed by Darcey Bussell and Carlos Acosta. I love Bussell in any Balanchine, but I think the pairing of her with Acosta in my favourite Mr. B ballet is something I'll never forget. Acosta was also magnificent in "Manon", with Tamara Rojo. Rojo really brought a depth and realism to Manon. From being quite cool about this ballet in general, Rojo and
  3. I went to see Alina and Johan in R&J on Wednesday night, to celebrate various birthdays that week (inc. Danciegirlmaria). It was completely amazing! Alina seems to be gaining a new dramatic depth to her dancing. She's got an amazing supple back, and I loved the way that she let it melt around Romeo in the balcony pas de deux. Johan Kobborg, however, was absolutely, unbelievably, fantastically amazing! He's the only Romeo I've ever seen (and that includes the video of Nureyev) to really get his feet around MacMillan's tricky footwork to the extent that he found little nuances of c
  4. I saw Tamara and David Makhateli in R&J on 30th November, and I think in general the critics have been a bit harsh. This could be due to the fact that the company has done R&J very recently prior to this revival, and so the critics may be getting a little bit bored of it. There was one critic who moaned that all the supporting roles were badly undercast, although I thought Martin Harvey as Mercutio and Edward Watson as Benvolio were fantastic (can't wait to see Watson as Romeo!). I'd agree that David Makhateli looked quite timid as Romeo, although I quite liked his first act. This
  5. rojo_fan


    I saw Bayadere on 17th Oct and 1st Nov. The first cast (Tamara Rojo, Carlos Acosta and Marianela Nunez) I'd seen before, but they surpassed themselves this time. Carlos Acosta's Shades variation was completely unbelievable - multipule pirouettes that slowed down at the end to almost come to a stand still, doulbe cabrioles that seemed to hang in the air.... :rolleyes: Tamara Rojo was beautiful technicially, but what really stood out was the contrast in her earthy first act to her etherial second act. On 1st Nov Alina Cojocaru, Johan Kobborg and Laura Morera danced the leads. Johan was gr
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