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From researching online, I've read the side parterre and grand tier boxes tend to have a partial view of the stage. Does this hold true for the boxes that are closer to center, providing the seats are in the front row?

This is my first time subscribing and my seats are all relatively close to center, but now I'm worried half the stage won't be visible. I'm fine with missing a little part of the stage, like the back corner on one side, but not half the stage.

Thanks in advance!

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I always sit in the side parterre. In fact I just bought my tickets online an hour ago for the coming season. I have sat in the extreme side parterre boxes and I like them, but you are not able to see what's going on on the extreme side of the stage that is on the same side as your seat. This time I was able to buy tickets in the third box from the stage, my favourite. I don't remember missing out on too much sitting there.

Even sitting in the very first box, you see most of the stage. You never have to worry about seeing only half the stage!

I consider the ballet before I choose a side. For Giselle, for example, I sit in the right side parterre (right as you face the stage) so I won't miss seeing the action at Giselle's house in the first act and at her grave-site in the second.

If the front seats on my chosen side are taken, I buy seats in the left side parterre. Never buy second row seats in the side parterre! You'll be bobbing and weaving in order to see around the people in the three seats in front of you.

The boxes closer to the center have an unobstructed view but cost twice as much. And, they're further away. Never my choice.

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Thanks so much, that is super helpful! Especially regarding Giselle and the sides! I think I'm happy with my seats, I'm on the right side, boxes 10 or 12, front row.

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