Bolshoi performance of Balanchine's "Jewels", 2012

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to clarify a point of mine: i'm not saying dancers are within their rights to eliminate steps from a staging b/c it's too hard, or for any other reason. i'm saying that the double s-d-b moments that were once part of a staging, in this case BALLET IMPERIAL, were not included in a later staging set by i forget whom because they were no longer part of the choreographic text that was staged by ABT and that was last staged by Balanchine at NYCB as TPC#2; the ABT version in question was the new 'version' that was Balanchine's.

as to whether or not the Balanchine Trust should trust its designated stagers to set other, earlier versions of a ballet's past incarnations, that's an administrative decision it makes for its own reasons.

again, i don't think Tallchief staged the BALLET IMPERIAL that ABT most recently mounted w/ Ter-Arutunian's 'tutu' and set designs, i suspect she was recalling how once BALLET IMPERIAL included a different choreographic text for the finale.

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