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Romeo and Juliet -- 2003

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I'll be seeing Romeo and Juliet on Saturday afternoon, 07 June. I'll provide a review after the performance.

Is anyone else planning to be there? Be happy to meet for a drink at the interval ... or coordinate a review ...

If you've already seen it or are seeing it another time, please add to the thread ...


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Hi BilboBaggins,

I'll be going on 4th June - just missing you!! I couldn't go on that weekend because I have to go to my Open University residential week. We're (hopefully) seeing Bussell/Bolle which will just be so fantastic! Can't wait already :) .


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If enough of us are interested, we'll have to see if we can coordinate one or two "Ballet Alert" group nights or afternoons sometime ... see if enough of us are willing to let people match faces to "user names"!!

In the meanwhile, since you'll be seeing a different cast from me, perhaps we'll be able to compare notes after our performances?

I've never seen RB's Romeo and Juliet, but I've seen the NYCB several times (I'm a transplanted American). I'll be interested to see if I can recognize a difference in style ...

Enjoy the performance!!


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