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Dance Perspectives

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On the Casting From Hell thread people have been talking about Dance and Dancers. I've never seen it, but I've been curious about Dance Perspectives since I found a couple of old copies in a New Orleans French Quarter bookstore five years ago. One features essays by five dancers on "the male image" and the other has three essays in dance perspectives.

Would anyone care to comment on this journal? I don't recognize any of the contributors in the perspectives issue, but I notice that John Martin was "consulting editor" and Denby was on the advisory board.

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Dance Perspectives is another late, lamented journal. I don't think there's anything like it in dance. Each issue was really a little book -- beautifully produced, often with rare photographs. Often it gave life to a book that, even then, was too "arcane" to find a publisher (like Erik Aschengreen's "The Beautiful Danger," a translation of one of his long essays on Bournonville and the Romantic Ballet.)

The founder was Selma Jeanne Cohen, one of the pioneers of American dance history - still alive, although no longer very active.

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