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New Forum -- please look!

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I'm posting this here and on About The Site.

I've added two new forum, both on the What's New (formerly News) board:

First, The Daily Digest

I've set this up in the hopes that it will become a central gathering place -- please start your day here. If there's any site news, it will be here. If there's a breaking story -- like Monica Mason being named Director of the Royal Ballet, for example -- we'll post it here. There's also a list of threads, both the hot ones and some languishing ones that have gotten lost in the shuffle but that deserve debate. And occasionally there will be a Tip of the Day on some aspect of the software.

Second, I've put up an end-of-the-year forum and moved into it about 50 of our most interesting discussions from 2002. I hope you'll browse through these -- feel free to activate one of them, if you missed it the first go-round, or have new thoughts. I'll leave it up for several months before moving it into an archive of its own. I hope that new people coming to the site will read through it -- it gives a good idea of what we do -- or can do :) -- here!

2002-Looking Back

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