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Millepied interview in Time Out NY


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There's an interview with Benjamin Millipied and a nod to the interview he did with Ballet Alert! (and his negative comment about Tharp) and how the fallout from the interview was basically a kick in the arse for him.

Also they list they're best/worst for both dance and ballet.

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Thanks for posting that, Calliope. That interview refuses to die! Of course, neither the interviewer nor the magazine had any ill intent in this. There were reportrs afterwards that his career had suffered for it -- but we put that down to gossip. I'm glad that it worked out for him in the end.

TimeOutNY articles seem to make it on line about a month after they're out; I'll keep looking for this one and link when it's possible.

I'll soon be putting up articles from past Ballet Alerts and DanceViews and this interview will be one of them :)

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