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Looking back on 2002


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Welcome to the best of the soon-to-be-Old Year -- original idea by Leigh Witchel, excessive moving by Alexandra Tomalonis.

Leigh suggested we move some of the most interesting posts of the last year into a That Was The Year That Was type of forum. Originally we thought it would only be about a dozen, so that people might actually be able to read all of them. But alas, there were so many good discussions -- it would have been easy to move another 40 posts into a "best of" forum.

This doesn't include performance reviews -- they're easy enough to find in the company-specific forums or in Recent Performances. And we decided to restrict this forum to the General and Subtexts boards -- no disrespect intended for our teens or special groups. We'd rather not have the world know about our teens, and the special groups forums topics tend to be of interest to the group members.

I hope everyone will cast his or her eye over the topics, at least (it's only 2 pages!) and I hope that newer members, especially, will open some of the threads and read them. I think we'll leave this up for awhile, so that people, as they join, or think about joining, can turn here to see what this board is about. Eventually it will be moved into the Archives; our time capsule for 2002.

All of these threads are active, so if you have anything to add, please feel free!

We've had about 40,000 posts since we moved into the new software last March, and this represents about less than 4 percent of them :) I think you all did quite well! THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE, thank you for participating in our discussions, thank you for making this board lively and fun. And generally peaceful :)

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