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Kronstam biography

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Well, I've put up the press releases we get from other publishers, including UPF, so I guess it's ok to put up this one :)


My name is Steve Krutzler and I am the online marketing coordinator for the University Press of Florida, the non-profit publishing wing of the Florida university system. We are preparing to publish "Henning Kronstam" by Alexandra Tomalonis, later this month.

Tomalonis has documented Kronstam's major roles as recounted in his own words, revealing the genius behind the man and his art. A superb technician and impeccable classical stylist, Kronstam was also a great dance-actor. In the writing of this book, the author conducted 200 hours of interviews with Henning Kronstam and talked with over 100 dancers and choreographers, including many who worked with him. She observed classes and rehearsals at the Royal Danish Ballet over a 10-year period to provide an unusually detailed view of backstage life. More than a biography of one man, this book tells the story of a great dance company

We believe that this book may be of interest to your site's visitors and invite them to check out several full samples of the text, available in our reading room. Visitors can peruse the complete table of contents and read the Preface and a thirteen-page excerpt from Chapter 8 in these HTML and PDF samples that offer a substantive preview of the book that we think dance enthusiasts will enjoy.

The Reading Room can be accessed at http://www.upf.com/Mkt/ and contains more information about the book, including a jacket cover image.


It would be best to move discussions of my book from the book signing thread, since that's old news now, to this one. I'd welcome comments and/or questions, whatever the nature.

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