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Octavio Roca, a fine critic

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I just wanted to comment on the quality of Octavio Roca, dance critic for the San Fransisco Chronicle’s, work. The Chronicle has an incredible section dedicated towards the arts, and it would not be what it is with out the contributions of Octavio. I became disheartened when I read a letter to the editor chastising Octavio for a critical review of a new modernish ballet company in the San Francisco area. It seemed to me that the author of the letter was asking Octavio to become exactly what the world needs less of, a cheerleader. What sets Octavio apart from the rest are the consistently personalized reviews. The world needs more people who are willing to throw their opinion onto the world, without the fear of what the masses will think.

Octavio Roca your opinion is valued.

to read recent reviews published by Octavio Roca enter "Octavio Roca" in a searh box at, www.sfgate.com

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