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I just wanted to make a comment about this particluar DVD. It has been discussed in the past that the camera does not show dancers well because is records things in a 2 dimentional space instead of the 3 dimentional view of the human eye. I think the cinematographer did a great job in this case. For the first time, I saw a dvd that actually makes the illusion that you are watching a 3 dimentional performance. I have seen many plays and dance performances, and I honestly could not see a difference except for the editing of the scenes, between watching a performance up close and personal and this dvd. Perhaps others taping dance could learn something from this dvd.

I did not particularly like the version of the ballet, and in my opinion, it should have been called something other than swan lake as most of the action does not even take place around the swan motif as it always does in the original version. But I think this DVD has merit for those who want to learn to record dance in the most true way possible.

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