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Boston Ballet dancers win at Jackson

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A company press release dated July 1, 2002.


Medal winners are announced at USA IBC

(BOSTON)- Boston Ballet dancer Sarah Lamb won the silver medal at the USA

International Ballet Competition on June 28 in Jackson, Miss. Boston Ballet

dancer Emi Hariyama received the Robert Joffrey Award of Merit.

"We are so proud of Sarah and Emi," said Boston Ballet Artistic Director

Mikko Nissinen.

The USA IBC is an "olympic style" event held every four years and is the

official international ballet competition in the United States designated by

a Joint Resolution of Congress. Dancers from around the world compete for

scholarships, medals and cash awards in this prestigious, two-week dance

event. This year's events will conclude on June 30, 2002.

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Inadvertently, I had the opportunity of watching

Tatiana Legat coaching Sarah Lamb for her Round II

contemporary number, along with Andrea Schermoly who was listed in the souvenir program as a Boston Ballet apprentice.

It was quite a thrill for me for I remember the Kirov's first appearance in San Francisco with Legat as well as her late husband, Yuri Soloviev.

Lamb's solo, Sometime, Somewhere, was repeated at the Gala, along with her striking Odile variation from Swan Lake. Her characterization made an immediate impression in Round I as quite distinctive.

Andrea Schermoly's solo Megalenha was a notable one, self-choreographed, and strongly laced with African movement, doubtless remembered from her childhood in South Africa. It is a piece I would enjoy seeing again.

Emi's final classical work with her partner, Ta Mila, her non-competing partner now affiliated with Atlanta Ballet but who danced James in Frank

Andersen's production of La Sylphide for the National Ballet of China, was wonderfully crystalline. George Zoritch made some suggestions relating to head and gestures, which helped convey that the wedding couple were indeed regal.

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There were two men from Boston Ballet who appeared effectively. One was Joel Prouty, who was a finalist,and the other was Raul Salamanca, who danced in the 1998 Competition as a junior. Nao Kuzuzaki, also with Boston, made a notable Giselle in the first Round. Brooke Kister, yet another member of the Boston Ballet corps, had also been a junior at Jackson in 1998.

I think Boston, in terms of sheer numbers, contributed the largest number of competitors to the 2002 Competition.

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This is in response to Valerie Burks kind comments regarding my Jackson USA International

Ballet Competition coverage. I appreciate them. It is nice to know that there is a forum, based in the U.S.A., where comments can be lodged pro and con on such coverage on a foreign Web Site. I cannot ethically cover such an event in both locations.

I have received indirect information regarding some negative reaction to some of my coverage. One I was able to apologize directly for, relating

to the Panos accident on stage. The other has remained only faintly subterranean and apparently

was exacerbated.

I don't deliberately go on witch hunts or gunning for a particular dancer or dancers, contrary to

some thinking.

So, Valerie Burks, your comments are therefore much appreciated.

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I will delurk and say that I very much appreciated the Jackson coverage, too!!! I've always enjoyed reading your posts on ballet.co.uk and am happy that you are writing here as well.

It is always difficult to write online--people have such various degrees of expertise, reasons for posting, not to mentioon opinions on performances and dancers....

frequently, the more subterranean the unrest, the less solid the foundation from which the complainer is operating...

Please continue to write--

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