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Royal Ballet "Nutcracker" on PBS 12/25

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Definate thumbs up for this Nutcracker!! The excellent cheoreography was enhanced by the wonderful dancing. Cojacaru & Putrov are fabulous dancers, and the grand pas de deux for the Sugar Plum Fairy is spectacular! My only gripe, and a minor one, was with some of the costumes (pink harem pants on the Arabian guys for one), but the camera can distort color and texture.

A few quick questions for those more knowlegable about the Royal Ballet...

Is the Covent Garden stage exceptionally large and deep?

How tall is Jonathon Cope? He has glorious long lines and a lightness to his jumps, though he appeared a bit unstable in some of his pirouettes (hard to balance all that height redface.gif ) )

Too bad I didn't get to tape this production redface.gif (


P.S. Thanks to all who provided comments on the merits of the various versions of Balanchine's Complete Stories of the Ballets. Santa brought me a 1968 (?) edition of Balanchine's Complete Stories of the Ballets (correct title?)!!

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I was helping with Christmas dinner so I only saw bits and pieces of the production but I don't remember having seen another Nutcracker where Clara and the Prince actively dance during the ethnic dances in the second act. Is this the way the Royal Ballet always does it? Does anyone else do this?

Were the Prince's leaps as gorgeous as I thought they were?

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