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SERBA festival performances

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Did anyone who attended the Southeast Regional Ballet Association festival in Knoxville last weekend have any input about the performances? Since my daughter's company danced, I'm a little less than biased. I will say, though, that the gala performance was a bit flatter than in previous years.

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I went, as a dancer, and I thought that the Gala show was definitely the best of the three nights. (I'll have to ask what you, drval01, mean by "flatter"? :confused: ) In my opinion, the pieces on each performance I either loved, or I hated. But since they are mostly students performing, I will only comment on what I loved as I don't want to offend anyone.

Atlanta Ballet's student ensemble sent a great piece called "Fiddly Feet" The pas de deux in it was fabulous. I had previously only seen these dancers do classical ballet and this was more relaxed, contemporary and the dancers actually got to act and did a very nice job of it. I really enjoyed it.

Ft. Lauderdale Ballet Classique did a beatiful "Le Corsaire Suite." It was very well done and, once again, the pas de deuz was gorgeous. Their younger company also did a beautiful piece on the Emerging Choreographer's Program that was choreographed by two thirteen year old dancers in the piece. It was incredibly clean, together, and well-choreographed- especially considering these dancers' ages!

Gwinnett Ballet Theatre did a wonderful but SHORT piece on the Gala. I'm at a loss for how to describe it. Maybe pdance can help (she was in it!) The dancers were so together and never missed a beat and really kept up the upbeat mood of the piece! They did another piece on the Young Choreographer's Program that was choreographed by a young man in the company. This piece was very classical and it was the great choreography. You could tell that all of the dance was dictated by the music and that was how he choreographed. It was very interesting to watch.

Georgia Youth Ballet did a very creative piece on The Thurs. night program. There were 3 or 4 girls in neon unitards that went up around their head and they were in blacklight. You couldn't see their face but you could see their fingers as the ends of the arms formed gloves. Anyways, it looked as if they girls were just dancing when all of the sudden one does this bend so that she looks like she's about to fall except she keeps going at an incredibly slow rate. THen she leaps in the air and just stays there... That's when you realize that there were additional men onstage in all black partnering the girls so that, in blacklight, it looked as if they were floating. It was so much fun to watch!

Well, That's all I have time to write, anyone else have comments?


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