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NEA Chairman

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I have sent Alex Ewing's, former Chancellor of

North Carolina School of the Arts,name to be included in a list of choices for The White House to consider for the Chairman of the NEA.

On July 13 The Washington Post carried an article (which I tried to post here) which

said that The White House was looking for

other suggestions of people to be considered.

Apparently Bill Ivey was expected to remain as Chairman but announced his resignation in April and will step down in September. I had

been thinking about Mr. Ewing for sometime but didn't act on it until I read that they were still looking for other candidates.

What a coup it would be to have a dance advocate in that position..especially ballet.

A few facts concerning his background are:

General Director, Business Manager Joffrey Ballet, Treasurer and Chairman for the Dance Collection at the NY Public Library, and a member of the Dance Panel for the NEA. He has also been on the Board of SAB and a great many other arts and business boards and associations. In addition to that he is a successful business man with his own corporation.

The article stated that The WHite House was now looking at more business leaders outside the arts. I think Alex Ewing meets both criteria.

I know him only slightly and just because of his leadership of NCSA..my daughter a '97 graduate. HOwever, everytime I wrote him I received a personal hand-written response...In any field that's impressive.

His record of what he accomplished for NCSA is quite remarkable. The Dance program at NCSA may be well-known in dance circles but their music, film, drama and visual arts etc are perhaps even more successful.

I was hoping that I might ignite some sort of support from the Balletalert community.

It is all happening so quickly that perhaps it is too late but I spoke to the Director of American Arts Alliance and the White House and Congressional Liaison of the NEA, Ann

Guthrie Hingston, and they both say there is no leading candidate at this time!

FYI Alex Ewing is Lucia Chase's son.

Mary Lynn Slayden

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