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Ib Andersen’s Topia (Complete Ballet) – Streaming Sunday June 7, 2020 only

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UPDATE: The complete ballet is no longer available, but you can still watch several minutes of the actual performance at the Desert Botanical Garden here:

Ballet Arizona presents TOPIA at Desert Botanical Garden


Ballet Arizona is streaming the complete 2017 production of Topia for 24 hours only, starting 9AM PDT, Sunday June 7, 2020.

Topia, an al fresco, site-specific work, choreographed to Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony (Pastorale), was Mr. Andersen’s first work to be performed at Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden.

2017 Casting


1st Movement
Jackson Dwyer, Eric Hipolito, Jr., Alejandro Mendez, Annier Navarro, Ethan Price, Roman Zavarov
Rochelle Anvik, Kenna Draxton, Katherine Loxtercamp, Jessica Phillips
Amber Lewis, Ricardo Santos
Alison Remmers, Chelsea Teel, Lauren Flowers

2nd Movement
Natalia Magnicaballi and Randy Pacheco
Jillian Barrell and Eric Hipolito Jr.
Arianni Martin and Helio Lima

Rochelle Anvik, Ava Cobb, Lauren Flower, Katherine Loxtercamp, Kaelyn Magee, Jessica Phillips, Alison Remmers, Ana Maria Spear, Chelsea Teel

3rd Movement
Nayon Iovino

Rockelle Anvik, Ava Cobb, Kenna Draxton, Lauren Flower, Katherine Loxtercamp, Kaelyn Magee, Jessica Phillips, Alison Remmers, Ana Maria Spear, Chelsea Teel, Mimi Tompkins, Sasha Vincett, Riley McGregor*

4th Movement
Jackson Dwyer, Erick Garnica, Eric Hipoloto Jr., Alejandro Mendez, Annier Navarro, Alberto Penalver, Ethan Price, Ricardo Santos, Roman Zavarov

5th Movement
Entire Cast


*Member of Studio Company

An recent online discussion of what it is like to prepare, rehearse, and perform Topia, as experienced by dancers Jill Barrell and Sasha Vincett is available here:



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Update for NLA documentary
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I have to relate a standout moment from Topia. After a lively first movement, the second movement (‘Scene by the brook’) features three couples arrayed across the ultra-wide stage. At one point, they’re actually sitting on the stage (as if they were sitting on picnic blankets). Then the boy offers his hand, and the girl takes it – the simplest of movements, but it can be unbelievably majestic.

At one performance, I was seated on the right hand side, fairly close to the stage. Helio and Arianni were perhaps fifteen feet in front of me. The majesty/eloquence/poise with which these two performed this movement (it’s hardly even dance – they were seated!) was simply stunning. I’m sure it had something to do with their elegant posture, and the grace with which the simple movements were performed. It was just stunning.

Here’s the spot, near the end of the second movement; the three couples dance a bit, then seat themselves on the stage floor, pause, then take hands.  Helio and Arianni are on the right:


It may be hard to appreciate in a video from a great distance, but it was a sublime moment from a few feet away. I’m glad this video has been made available so I could share it.

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