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Golden Mask awards in Moscow

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The awards ceremony will take place on 15 April in Moscow. Among the dancers nominated this year are - Kirov dancers Natalia Sologub and Andrian Fadeyev for their roles in last year's production of Nutcracker choreographed by Kirill Simonov, Svetlana Zakharova for her performance in Neumeier's "Now and Then". (Andrian Fadeyev, incidentally, has also been nominated for the Benois prize in Moscow at the end of April.)

All the three ballets staged by Neumeier for the Kirov - "Spring and Fall", "Now and Then", and "Sounds of an Empty Score" - shown in Moscow this week and also in the Maryinsky Festival last month were nominated. Simonov's Nutcracker was also a nominee.

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Here is the list of the jury and nominees for the Benois prize, provided by my friend in Moscow. The gala performance is to take place at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow on 26 April.


>Yuri Grigorovitch, John Neumeier, Altynai Asylmuratova, Davide Bombana, Karoline Carlson, Alexandre Kolpin, Anjelen Preljocaj, Tur van Shaik. (sorry if the spelling is wrong).


>Life in Art: Rudi van Dantzug, Jurgen Rose, William Forthyte

>Choreographers: Vandekeibus, Pastor, Ratmansky, Fabr,Forthyte

>Female dancers: Volochkova, Dupont, Szezerkiite, Zakharova, Eikhvald, Jurgensen

>Male dancers: Bubenitchek, Gerodias, Lambiotte, MacGregor, Tusli, Fadeyev

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The Golden Mask awards announced last night are-

>Best ballet: Coppelia (Novosibirsk)

Best choregrapher: Neumeier (guest Kirov)

Best decorator: Shemyakine (Kirov, "Nutcracker")

Best female: Sologub (Kirov)

Special jury awards: Pavlenko(Kirov)+Zharova(Novosibirsk)

Best male: Andreikine ("The Breakthrough" ?)

Best modern ballet: "The Voice" (?)

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In the Benois prize Gala to be held at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow this Friday, Kirov soloists Andrian Fadeyev (a nominee) and Natalia Sologub (the winner of the Golden Mask award for best female dancer last week) will dance the pas de deux from John Neumeier's ballet "Spring and Fall". However Svetlana Zakharova, another nominee, won't apparently be present.

Most of the other nominees will also perform in the Gala.

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