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What Design Thinking Is Doing for the San Francisco Opera

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Although not ballet, the San Francisco Opera, a perfectionist organization, is learning to experiment. I thought you might enjoy this article from the Harvard Business Review. I believe non-subscribers are allowed five free articles per issue or per month or something like that.

Harvard Business Review: What Design Thinking Is Doing for the San Francisco Opera

As one of the world’s leading opera companies, SFO has traditionally focused on perfection in all aspects of its performances. Matthew Shilvock, the company’s new General Director, described this drive for perfection as, “our blessing in allowing us to produce moments of exquisite theater, and our curse in terms of not giving us the flexibility to adapt quickly.”
Like almost every non-profit organization, SFO has limited resources. Ticket sales cover just a fraction of its production and administrative costs, with the balance coming from donations, grants and endowment. To survive and thrive with the conflicting demands of performance excellence and constrained resources, SFO has developed a highly structured organization.
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