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A very l-o-n-g consideration of this phenomenon, now wowing them in London. The article indicates this is really an opera, although the content is pure Springer. Or impure Springer. Has anyone seen this one?

Jerry Springer, the Opera


Stage luminaries of every stripe, from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Nicholas Hytner, have swarmed to see the thing. Hytner, who will take the reins as director of the Royal National Theater next year and directed the new Broadway musical ''The Sweet Smell of Success,'' can't get enough of it. ''What I love is its violent marriage of high and low culture,'' he says. ''To hear the kind of vulgar chaos of 'Jerry Springer' submitted to the disciplines of classical opera, weirdly enough, results in something more than the sum of those two halves.''

(I picked this article because of the line "submitting it to the disciplines of classical opera," something that goes along with our discussions of ballet's use of pop culture.)

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