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Laerkesen/La Sylphide Royal Danish Ballet

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Nicolaj Hübbe was a guest as James in La Sylphide given a more forcefull than elegant rendering of every Danish dancers dream role. He was keen, but playing everything maximum volume was more effective than moving. The pairing with Silja Schandorff was not as great as one would expect from their brilliant Duo Consertante in Tivoli. She is bacically to tall for him in a part like this, and as James he did seem rather self oriented. Sorella Englund was Madge, but neither did she do as much with the part as she can when se is really on. One got the feeling that the principals was so eager to make an impact and create art that they missed the boat to a great performance. Hubbe did considerably well in the solos, double tours vere fine, if a little low and he used his arms more in jumbs than is standard Bournonville, but you could tell it meant a lot to him and the audience, hungry a we might be, was appriciative.

Before La Sylphide a new Anna Lærkesen piece was premiered without much effect. Gudrun Bojesen dance the lesd in this rather thin affair.

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Thank you for that, Effy. I'm glad to hear that Sorella Englund is back. What you describe sounds like what happened at the January 2000 Bournonville Week -- I think it's what happens when you bring someone who's no longer connected with the Theatre in for a guest appearance. Even as great an artist as Englund needs time to get acclimated -- you can't take a Madge like hers out of a suitcase.

Sorry to hear the Laerkesen was a dud.

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Sonora, the only review I could find was in Berlingske Tidende (Vibeke Wern). Basically, it said Hubbe was elegant and has a big jump. (Most of the review was devoted to the new ballet of Anna Laerkesen.)


Thomas Lund makes his debut as James this week -- I think it's Wednesday. I hope some of the Danish Lurkers (you know who you are smile.gif ) will come out of Lurkdom and report. There's a lot of anticipation in Copenhagen about Lund's debut.

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I believe Caroline Cavallo is dancing the Sylph with Lund. Lund was the Boy Most Likely in 1992 (as an aspirant) and was one of the few bright lights of the January 2000 Bournonville Week. His career has been a bit rocky under the various directors in the 1990s. He's not easy to slot. Of the male dancers I've seen (which isn't all of them), he's by far the most classical dancer. He was wonderful as the Jester in Martins' "Swan Lake." He's also a good actor.

Lund has a web site -- www.dancer.dk There are a lot of photos there.

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