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Ellen Rasch 1920 - 2015

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Ellen Rasch, born in Geneva 1920 to a Swedish military man and a girl from Odessa, started her ballet career in Stockholm. She was known as a very fine Giselle.

In the early fifties a very ambitious dance film - in full Technicolor, and if memory serves it was the first color movie ever made in Sweden. It was titled "The Fire Bird" and about a ballerina, played by Ellen Rasch and her partner was Maurice Bejart. As a kid I remember I enjoyed "The Fire Bird" more than "The Red Shoes", but those two movies were rather similar. It might be found on Google as the dialogue was in English.

After her retirement Mme Rasch opened a ballet school. Only a couple of years ago I saw a TV interview with her and she looked remarkably youthful although she must have been at least 85 at the time.

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