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Ticket selection in the old theater


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I am a chronic buyer of front-row tickets whenever possible. However, I've been browsing photos of the historic Bolshoi theater and am concerned about how the sight lines are in the front row. It looks like the wall between the seats and the orchestra pit may be a bit high. At least, that is how it appears to me judging from photos like this one on TripAdvisor:


Does anyone have experience sitting in the front row? Or have you heard anyone say anything about it?

thanks a lot,


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Better late than never......! I have sat in the first row of the historic Bolshoi theater and never regretted it. The wall between audience and orchestra is standard height (looks taller in the photo on TripAdvisor). The Bolshoi stage has a rake, so you can generally see feet at the back of the stage.

If occassionally all of a foot is not visible, I don't mind because I'm sitting in the first row to better see facial expressions.

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Thank you Raymonda! I've actually just returned from my front-row seat. : ) You're right that the wall was fine. I was a little disappointed about the lip at the end of the stage (I assume it's a lip that keeps you from seeing their feet when they're close to the edge), but I agree with you that it's far better to sit close and see more details, rather than far back and able to see their feet the whole time. I wondered whether it would be a good option sometime to try the box seats that are at the first level right by the orchestra. You'd be a little higher while still being close (albeit off to the side). I just tried to check what the pricing is for those seats, but for the productions currently on sale, none of those seats show as available.

For me, the new Bolshoi offers better sight lines from the front row (you can sit close and see their feet!). At the new theater, I also feel I'm always closer to the dancers. I assume that's because the stage isn't as deep. Maybe the orchestra pit isn't either.

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