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FREE Ballet Chicago Preview 4/25 at 5 of 5/30 Harris Theater show

Jack Reed

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There'll be a free preview of Ballet Chicago's Spring program tonight at 5:00 pm in their studios at 17 N. State Street, on the 19th floor.

Running an hour, only enough time for excerpts from the full program to be presented at the Harris Theater on May 30 at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm, there may be the first two movements of Daniel Duell's revised Concerto in A Minor, to the music by J. S. Bach;

parts of two pieces of interesting, musically-sensitive work built on the classical foundation which the school BC is teaches, one - A Pulse Stolen - in contemporary vein to music from four sources, the other - Danzon! - drawing more on the Latin, specifically tango, tradition, heard in its music by Mexican composer Arturo Marquez, by Ted Seymour, who teaches at the school and dances with the Suzanne Farrell Ballet and the Cedar Lake Ballet;

and, along the way, the solo variations from Balanchine's Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and, winding up, some excerpts from his Who Cares? (to songs by George Gershwin arranged for orchestra, typically some ensemble numbers as well as some solos, like "Fascinatin' Rhythm").

There'll be some spoken introduction, and music will be recorded. Ballet Chicago's number is 312-251-8838, but although there has been some publicity as part of a Chicago "Look at Dance" month, or something, I think you can just show up (until they run out of chairs!). Strictly speaking, Ballet Chicago is a school, but their Studio Company, drawn from the top ranks, is the only "pre-professional" organization to perform in the Harris Theater; as many of us here know, the line between school and professional is a fuzzy one in ballet, and BC blurs it even more, IMO.

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