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Justin Peck working on a "Project" for MCB


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From the MCB Facebook page, also emalled to subscribers -- :

Today we welcome the emerging choreographer Justin Peck to our studios to get started on a brand new project!!! If you have not met Justin yet, check out his interview with TimeOut New York!

No specifics, but they say that details will follow. MCB announced its programs for next season just last week, so I wonder when and where the results of this "project" will be produced. Personally, I wish they could do a couple of small tours within their performance area-- with small cast, easy-to-tour productions -- during the regular season, A lot depends on the availability of dancers at any given time.

The Time Out interview (published in Jan.) is long and interesting. At the end Peck mentions a future assignment from L.A. Dance Project, but nothing about Miami. Here's the Link to the interview:


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MCB is starting to tease those on their email list, as well as Facebook followers, with tiny bits of information -- in this case, a photo of their "secret project" with Justin Peck. Photo shows Peck partnering Jeanette Delgado, with Kleber Rebello watching and Renan Cedeiro and Sara (I think) Esty in the background.

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One of the dancers is Jeanette Delgado. (Visiting choreographers seem to fall in love with here.) Here's a brief interview from Pointe Magazine:


It's interesting that Peck seems to have developed the pas de deux working one-on-one with Delgado. Who, I wonder, will her company partner be when the work is premiered?

Here's a quote from the article linked by checkwriter:

Lopez was instantly receptive. “I loved the idea of collaborating,” she says. The project meshes with several of her goals for the troupe: to commission more new ballets, to work with other arts groups in Miami and to attract new audiences to the ballet.

“It’s collaboration at a very high level,” Lopez says. “Michael Tilson Thomas is this iconic musician and major artist. It puts Miami City Ballet and our dancers in a place where maybe the audience members haven’t seen us. And it brings into [MCB] a choreographer … who’s on my five-year artistic plan for the company.”

If Michael Tilson Thomas's New World Symphony is an indication of the kind of group Lourdes wants to work with -- and Peck, an example of the kind of choreographer -- I think that she s off to an excellent start on her "five-year artistic plan." tiphat.gif

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