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It's a topic about the Russian dance festival "Dance Open"

Annually the world ballet stars, the heads of the major world ballet companies and students of ballet schools come to St. Petersburg to participate in the DANCE OPEN Festival. For the last several years the Festival has launched a unique programme which includes film presentations, research and practice conference, photo exhibition, etc. This ballet forum has become interesting not only for the professionals but for the large audience, for people of different social status. M. Piotrovsky and Y. Temirkanov are in the Board of Trustees of the DANCE OPEN Festival. Their interest and long-term cooperation with Festival shows that pop-culture could not be the symbol of our city.

This fest isn't very popular among english-language ballet fans. But in Russia it's a serious event and if you llike ballet, you can visit our facebook page -http://www.facebook.com/DanceOpen

We post many ballet videos and photos from backstage:)

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