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It's a nice--albeit short--documentary on a number of impoverished but aspiring South African ballet students in their attempt to join the The Youth Company in Cape Town. It is quite a nice documentary that is a nice complement to 2 thematically similar documentaries ONLY WHEN I DANCE and the non-dance HBO documentary A SMALL ACT.

Part 1 :


Part 2 :


Part 3 :


And this is a CNN article following up after the events occuring in the documentary. Note: the nature of this article spoils the ending of the documentary (url has been obfuscated using bitly).



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Thank you for posting this! It was deeply moving to watch it. This docu is done with great respect for the implicated youths, which is not always the case. Many makers of documentaries seem to be heavily influenced by the style of the reality shows, where no feeling are too personal or too painful for a close-up. I think it was very delicately done in this case, very authentic and still very moving.

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